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Eggplant with Buttermilk Sauce

I swear I am not an addict, but if I keep going on like this, we will have to rename these posts: "Tara cooks from Ottolenghi."  Yes, once again I bring you a recipe from Chef Yotam's book "Plenty," but in my defense, I made this on Sunday and it really is a revelation in how you can eat eggplant.  I do like eggplant a lot, but other than in baba ganoush, or a salad with lots of other things, I have never really thought about eating it at room temperature...this was obviously an oversight, because WOW; this recipe is so good.  The combo of the roasted eggplant with the tangy-ness of the buttermilk and the tart crispness of the pomegranate is just perfect.  It even gets bonus points for being so freaking easy and double bonus points for being pretty.  I know that the recipe says to use two large, long eggplant, but it does not matter; any globe style eggplant will work.  Also, take note, if you go to the Epicurious link, there is a misprint about the oven temperature (it says 200F, that should be 200C or 400F.)  Go and order some eggplant now, so you can be eating this soon.

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