G.R.O.W. Harrisburg

“Growing ouR Own Wellness”

There is a synergy building in Augusta’s inner-city neighborhood called Harrisburg. This synergy is centered on the glorious topic of food.  Good food.

  • Not the kind that makes us sick.
  • Not the kind made with cheap, processed products of what-was food.
  • Not the kind that costs us little in its pretty packaging, but plenty at the doctor’s office.

Rather, we’re talking about the kind of food that makes us feel strong.

  • The kind of food that allows our kids to think clearly.
  • The kind that comes directly out of the ground.
  • The kind grow by local farmers who care about this community.

We’re talking about food we grow and cook with our own hands.


In the year 2012, the national Center for Disease Control proclaimed Augusta  “The Fifth Fattest City in America.”

That was the headline that ran in the paper.

That was the wake-up call.

A small church in Harrisburg, deeply dedicated to its diverse and struggling community, invited our organization to join hands with them in addressing our shared health crisis that same year. We haven’t slowed down since.

G.R.O.W. stands for Growing ouR Own Wellness.  It is a multi-partner, multi-program initiative to collectively and creatively address the debilitating effects that diet-related illnesses have had on our city.  Augusta Locally Grown is honored to provide hands-on support and coordination for these ten efforts, alongside amazing partners.

  • Veggie Park Farmers Market 
  • Hundreds in Harrisburg
  • Fruit & Vegetable Prescription Program
  • Icebox Urban Farm
  • Seasonal Community Meals
  • Westabou Preschool Gardens
  • Blueberries for Ms Willy
  • Kids Summer Meals Program
  • Good Neighbor Incubator Kitchen
  • Sibley Soilworks