Khakalaki Farm

Apr 25, 2016 | Farmer Support, Meet My Farmer


Kathryn Koven, owner of Khakalaki Farm in Trenton, SC, converted what used to be a Girl Scout Camp into acres of ethical farming. Even better than cookies, Khakalaki Farms now provides meats, mushrooms, produce and fiber.

In 2012, Koven began to learn about our country’s broken food system and decided to do something about it. A full-time, clinical pharmacist, Koven advocates the overall health benefits that can be gained by eating good foods. She believes farmers’ missions should include educating consumers. Her own dedication to humane practices includes weekly, 3-hour drives to a humane butcher.

Khakalaki Farms will be downsizing and moving to a new location within the year, but will continue to provide delicious goods for the market.