Southern Native Plantings

Sep 29, 2016 | Farmer Support, Meet My Farmer Monday

I feel inspired, like a newly planted seed, when talking to Karen Smith about her work at Southern Native Plantings at Longwood Plantation. Located outside of Newington, Georgia, the nursery is a spin-off venture from Longwood Plantation, the organically based compost and soil business that her husband started in 2003.

The nursery provides native trees, shrubs, perennial plants, organically certified vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, berry bushes, and vines, as well as organically based soils.

Karen graduated with a degree in Information Systems, but left the keyboard when her passion for native plants was sparked by an interest in landscaping and the thrill of watching green grow and fruit ripen. When she’s got free time, Karen enjoys kayaking, playing the guitar and singing, and being in the company of loved ones.

She has a special fondness for the tree that was at the helm of the nursery’s early days- the native wetland plant called Buttonbush, which is even featured on her business card. Karen also likes focusing on plants that provide hosting for butterflies and skippers.

Really, I get the sense that Karen pursues growing in a big picture way with regard for all aspects of the growing process and environmental implications. Her growing philosophy is to assist nature, not to rearrange it, while avoiding pesticides at all costs and keeping diversity in mind.

Karen can attest, what is underground makes what is above ground healthy- good soil makes a difference! What I know is that good people like Karen make a difference, too.

With your interest budding, be sure to check out Southern Native Plantings market products and the Georgia Organics profile link to learn more about Karen and Southern Native Plantings.