Jun 13, 2016Farmer Support, Meet My Farmer


At Adderson’s Fresh Produce, farmers Sam and Loretta have reinvented and reinvigorated what it means to run a small family farm in rural Georgia.

Farming goes back three generations in Loretta’s family, a cornerstone of her heritage. Today, their 56-acre farm in Keysville stands as a beacon of hope for organic farming throughout the CSRA.

As young professionals, Sam and Loretta moved up north to work and raise their daughters in the 1970s-90s. He was an engineer, and she was a nutritionist and a senior-level administrator in the school food systems. Like many couples of their time, they set aside farm life for bigger horizons. Lucky for us – and despite the national trend to fold up and sell – they held on to the property that they inherited. In 2007, they returned to the farm for “retirement.”


Anyone who has ever met the Addersons chuckles at that word: “retirement.” When these tireless souls aren’t plowing, planting, picking, pickling or packing, they are out in the community teaching perfect strangers the value of good, clean food. Without meaning to, Sam and Loretta positioned themselves at the forefront of our local foods movement, and they’ve done it in a way that is true to their values and often at odds with conventional methods.

Instead of growing commodity crops like cotton or soy, they specialize in dark leafy greens, root vegetables and melons. Instead of following common growing practices, they became Augusta’s first USDA Organic Farms for vegetables. And instead of selling off some of their land for short-term gain, they recently planted 2200 hardwoods for the long-term benefit of their great grandkids’ future. Sam and Loretta are both historians and visionaries.

The Addersons have helped start more farmers markets and good food programs than we can list in this blog, but here’s a sampling of places where you can buy their products and perhaps meet these remarkable people this season:
Saturday Market On The River in Augusta
The Veggie Truck Farmers Market in Augusta
Earth Fare in Evans
Burke County High School in Waynesboro
Medical Associates Plus in Augusta
New Life Natural Foods in Augusta