Augusta Eats Local at Fuse

Augusta Eats Local at Fuse

Feb 21, 2016Augusta Eats Local, Where To Eat

THERE’S SOMETHING SO REFRESHING about a chef who really “gets” local. Enter chef/owner Eric Draper of Fuse Augusta.

“When I first got to Augusta, I was literally driving from farm to farm.” His first stop was at Haddens in Gibson, GA, where farmer John was herding sheep. “I was right there in the fields with him.”

From the start, Chef Eric has added the goods of many local farmers to his menu. They include Honey Creek Mushrooms, Tink’s Grass Fed Beef, Savannah River Farms, Southern Swiss Dairy, LLC and Angelveggies.

With local ingredients, there’s “less transportation, less bruising, less processing, less packaging. It’s environmental, it’s practical, it tastes better.”

“It’s poetic,” he notes.

Committee member Charleen Tinley, herself a farm-to-table chef, awarded the Augusta Eats Local window decal to her kindred spirit.

Thanks for making Augusta your new home Fuse!