Augusta Eats Local @ Paleo Num Yums

Augusta Eats Local @ Paleo Num Yums

Apr 1, 2019Augusta Eats Local, Where To Eat

Onnie Sanford, founder of Paleo Num Yums, has her pulse on what we all want: a healthy eating style paired with convenience and reasonable prices. “I love when I create a meal that makes someone happy. There is no reason why that still can’t be true when you eat healthy. Food is a wonderful thing and should be savored. It just so happens that my food is good for you as well as delicious,” Onnie says.

At Paleo Num Yums, Onnie wants to make sure that you can serve meals to your family that you feel good about. She takes the guilt out of dinnertime by completing the mealtime prep for you. The healthy, family meals are well-balanced, and can be tailored to each family’s needs, taking allergies and other foods into consideration. In an area packed with fast food, Onnie prides Paleo Num Yums on being just as fast and easy, but healthy instead.

Paleo Num Yums uses premium ingredients and now they are partnering with EAT Local CSRA to offer weekly organic “CSRA” boxes which include locally-sourced produce with recipes that match the seasonal fruits and vegetables. The partnership makes it easy to try many different farm-fresh ingredients. Whether you purchase a pre-prepared meal, or a CSRA box, you save time on preparing a shopping list and then assembling the appropriate items for cooking. And whichever you go, your family will have fun!

Why did Onnie choose the term Paleo? She didn’t choose it because of the often-used connotation of the “caveman diet.” Instead, what Onnie takes from the word Paleo is her research on the diet and what she found which was that the three most inflammatory foods are processed sugar, dairy, and gluten. Thus, what Onnie includes in her meals are lean meats, lots of vegetables, nuts, seeds, limited fruits, and sugar only in the form of honey, molasses, and maple syrup.

Onnie says that she started her journey by wanting to lose weight, but a month into it she felt so good that she didn’t want to stop. She found that eliminating those inflammatory foods, led to better gut health, less joint pain, and more energy. “The biggest misconception of having a business with the name Paleo Num Yums, is I hear people say, “I don’t eat paleo so I am not interested”. So what do you eat then? Had I actually thought I would have a business, maybe I would not have put Paleo in the name. But, that ship has sailed, the name is what it is, and I use it as not only a conversation starter but a tool for education.”


Instead of looking at all the foods that she can’t have, Onnie focuses on the list of foods that she can have. “Paleo is the idea of taking our diet back to the foods that are readily available fresh and whole. It also just so happens that these foods are easily digestible by the body, therefore, allowing your body to work for you, not against you,” Onnie says.

Onnie’s first bit of advice to people that are looking to change their lifestyle (she refuses to use the word diet) is to pick something that you can do for the rest of your life. She stresses the words “ENTIRE life”. If something seems extreme one way or another, she believes it probably is a fad and you will not be able to be consistent. “Life is extreme, why should your food be just as complicated. You can go virtually anywhere these days and find unprocessed foods which helps you stay on track no matter where you are. If you just feel like you have to have something that reminds you of gluten, for example, there are foods that are great for you: things like oatmeal, and grain-based bread (gluten-free).

Onnie feels that often people think that nutrition is a complicated subject, and there is so much information that many people feel defeated before they even get started. So, her motto is “Go back to the basics. Shop at the perimeter of the grocery store.” Once you get a handle on that, start experimenting. Again, Paleo Num Yums has partnered with EAT Local CSRA to offer classes on Farm-to-Table cooking and veggie workshops to simply get to know your veggies.

Onnie’s last piece of advice is to have fun with your food. “Remember that this is a journey. Make your own choices. Choices that agree with your lifestyle. Stop counting calories, stop worrying about macros. Start eating proper portions, start eating whole and healthy foods!”