Augusta Eats Local at The Bee’s Knees

Augusta Eats Local at The Bee’s Knees

Mar 24, 2016Augusta Eats Local, Where To Eat

“THE BEES KNEES” became a popular way to imply “the height of excellence” back in the 1920s.

And yes. That’s what you’ll find today, a roaring century later, at The Bee’s Knees on 10th Street in downtown Augusta.


Committee member Layla Khoury-Hanold bestowed the honor of the “Augusta Eats Local” window decal to this favorite eatery.

She wrote: “Since Eric and Kristi Kinlaw opened the Bee’s Knees in 2002, they’ve stayed true to their mission to help promote a local, sustainable food community. That means working with local farmers like East Georgia Produce to source veggies for their tapas menu, ordering sustainable regional seafood, and recycling up to five times per week.”


We think they’re the Cat’s Pajamas, the Eel’s Ankle, and all that too.