Augusta Eats Local @ Deep South Cheese and Grill

Augusta Eats Local @ Deep South Cheese and Grill

Aug 1, 2019Augusta Eats Local, Where To Eat

Gino Doucet and Tammy Daniels-Doucet opened their family-run restaurant on October 9, 2018. The couple met in the military and now Gino is retired, but Tammy is in the Navy Reserves which brought them to the Augusta area.

Gino found, however, that one thing that he really missed from the north was cheese curds. What is a cheese curd, you may ask. I found out the answer just after the restaurant opened last year when I happened to be visiting Dearing, Georgia. Deep South Cheese and Grill was recommended to me by my friend, Amy Sutter of White Hills Farm, who has long been active with Augusta Locally Grown. Apparently, word was starting to get around that this was an amazing Farm-to-Table restaurant. Not only did I find out what cheese curds are, but I had a lunch to remember.

Cheese curds are small pieces of heaven that you have to try for yourself to appreciate. What elevates them to the heavenly status is that Gino makes them fresh daily from locally-sourced milk. Gino and Tammy graciously allow you to try a sample of their cheese curds in order for you to experience what may be a new taste sensation. On my visit, I also had the best poutine ever. For those unfamiliar with poutine, it is a dish of French fries topped with, in this case, their transcendent cheese curds and a delicious brown gravy.

I haven’t even begun to mention the hamburgers. The meat comes fresh from Atlanta and is never frozen. What makes the burgers extraordinary is that they are not your typical ground beef, but rather ground steak. Gino and Tammy have combined their two specialties into a burger that they call the Deep South Burger. It’s not your typical cheese burger, but rather has cheese curds melted in the middle. As I write this, though I just ate lunch, I’m ready to get in my car for a hop-skip-and-a-jump to Dearing. Unfortunately, for me, Deep South Cheese and Grill is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Gino and Tammy had many reasons for creating a superb Farm-to-Table restaurant. First and foremost, they will only use the highest quality ingredients. Gino has found that locally-sourced milk is the only milk that will produce his high quality cheese curds. Working with local suppliers also allows them the kind of relationship that is not possible with large vendors. They are people and not just a number. “In addition, working with local farmers creates not just a business, but connects you to your community,” Gino said.

Deep South Cheese and Grill can be found at 4591 Augusta Highway and their phone number is 706-699-7067. Though they are closed on Sundays and Mondays, they open at 11am the rest of the week and close at either 7pm or 9pm. Check out their Facebook page and Instagram page for hours, more photos, and upcoming events.