Augusta Locally Grown Appoints Rebecca van Loenen as Executive Director

Augusta Locally Grown Appoints Rebecca van Loenen as Executive Director

Feb 5, 2020Announcements, In The News, Newsletter

Augusta, Ga. (February 3, 2020) The Board of Directors of Augusta Locally Grown (ALG) selected Rebecca van Loenen as the new Executive Director of the non-profit that has championed the local-sourced food movement for almost two decades in the area. Rebecca succeeds the position held by the founder, Kim Hines, who transformed the locally sourced food movement in Augusta’s River Region into a powerhouse respected throughout the state of Georgia.

“Augusta Locally Grown is a vital foundation to the local food movement. I take great pride in supporting the farmers who work two to three jobs in order to provide local food and am honored to oversee great program such as the ALG’s VeggieRx program, the farmer’s markets that double EBT and the online farmer market. These programs provide valuable healthy food access and education to our community. I am a third-generation entrepreneur and the granddaughter of Italian immigrants who farmed strawberries and oysters in South Louisiana and have a firm understanding of practical business development and a passion for agriculture.”

Rebecca previously served as the program director at, where she oversaw the Startup Life entrepreneur program and the Code Boot Camp program. She is married to her husband of eight years, Hans van Loenen, and is mother to five-month-old Zoe Tess. Rebecca enjoys hiking, killing house plants and cooking Cajun food.




About Augusta Locally Grown: Augusta Locally Grown promotes the development of a vibrant food-growing community. This includes recruiting new farmers to our area and connecting existing farmers to customers, restaurants, markets and media. We also help development a network of backyard growers throughout the CSRA and support for conventional farmers who are transitioning toward organic practices.