Farmer Support

Local farmers are the rock stars of our movement. They are the smart, hard-working citizens in whom we entrust the stewardship of land and water, the fair treatment of fellow farm workers, the humane care of livestock, and the wholesomeness of the food we eat.

Augusta Locally Grown creates opportunities for you to know these folks as friends and neighbors, too.

In additional to managing farmers markets, we strive to support farmers in fun and effective ways year-round:

  • Farm Tours 
  • Crop Mobs
  • New Farmer Networking
  • Chef Connections
  • Certification Scholarships
  • Meet My Farmer Mondays


In order to grow a more vibrant local foods system, Augusta will need to grow more farmers.

If you’re thinking about getting into the food-growing business, please be in touch! We look forward to linking you in and cheering you on.