FVRx – Fruit & Vegetable Prescription Program

Imagine going to a doctor’s office and being prescribed “fruits and vegetables” for your diet-related illness. Now, imagine the costs of those fruits and vegetables – for you and for your whole family – is free for six months!  This is exactly what happens through our FVRx program! 


A few years ago, G.R.O.W. Harrisburg caught the attention of Wholesome Wave Georgia. In 2015, this organization chose Augusta as the host site of their first-ever FVRx pilot in the Southeast. More specifically, they invited residents of Harrisburg to be at the center of it all.

Few medical interventions are as collaborative and mutually beneficial as the FVRx. Participants gain new insights into their health and learn everyday practices with lasting benefits; local farmers are economically supported in turn. 

The program is hosted by medical professionals who volunteer through the Harrisburg Family Healthcare clinic, supported by Good Neighbor Ministries. Other partners include:

The FVRx is an evidence-based nutrition intervention. A Public Health PhD candidate acts as our researcher and Emory University provided the IRB. We encourage you to review the encouraging results from Augusta’s 2015 research report.

Now in its second year pilot, the Augusta FVRx acts as a model for Wholesome Wave Georgia as they roll out other such programs across the state.

Clearly “there are good things growing on in Harrisburg.”

We encourage your to learn more about Wholesome Wave’s national FVRx program.

Augusta’s FVRx in the news!