Hundreds in Harrisburg

Hundreds in Harrisburg

Jan 24, 2016 | Featured Programs, G.R.O.W Harrisburg, Hundreds in Harrisburg

At Augusta Locally Grown, we literally grow gardeners from the ground up!

Through our “Hundreds in Harrisburg” project, we install free, 4x4 raised beds at individual homes for families throughout this inner-city neighborhood. We’ve also put several of the raised beds in public places, such as churches, a preschool, and a neighborhood cafe. As of today, we’ve installed 150 beds since 2015, and our total goal is 500 in five years! 

Each garden site is approached differently, according to need. For elderly and disabled folks, we raise the beds to minimize bending. We provide the garden frames, organic-grade soil, and volunteers install them in front or back years. We distribute free seeds & seedlings (every spring and every fall) grown by community volunteers. We provide watering cans or hoses; we even supply compost and earthworms!  When possible, we match seasoned gardeners from within the community with beginners for extra support through mentoring. Master gardener volunteers often help as well.

Word of mouth is the primary promotional tool for this initiative. Neighbors get neighbors involved: it’s as simple as that. 

The Hundreds in Harrisburg initiative is currently under study by an anthropology student from the University of South Carolina-Aiken. 

Our community partners for this project have been incredibly supportive. They provide hands-on volunteer hours as well as funding, and we couldn’t do any of this without them!

  • Community Foundation of the CSRA
  • Fellowship of Retired Old Guys Serving (FROGS)
  • Georgia Master Gardeners of Augusta
  • Icebox Ministries
  • Kitchen Gardens International
  • Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church
  • Soul City Sirens Roller Derby Team
  • St. Luke United Methodist Church
  • Whole Foods Market