“Local Foods as Medicine” is a unique wellness campaign, spanning from November 2017-February 2018. The campaign is a celebration of the great work Augusta University students, staff, and administrators have contributed to the GROW Harrisburg local food initiatives. 

Augusta, GA, is at a critical crossroads regarding nutrition security and health, yet Augusta is statistically more sickly than the average American city, and the majority of this sickness is diet-related. We are also more food insecure; our downtown is technically labeled a food desert as of this year.

Food insecurity is mitigated by necessity with goodwill & charity, but is solved by a deep commitment to hyper-local, boots-on-the-ground education and the development of good-food leadership positions from within neighborhoods.  

Since 2012, we’ve been doing this in Augusta’s inner city neighborhood called Harrisburg, which abuts AU’s Health Sciences campus. We call these initiatives “G.R.O.W. Harrisburg.” It stands for “Growing ouR Own Wellness.”

Augusta University students, faculty and administrators have already played significant roles in these initiatives. Indeed, our roots can be traced back to the shared vision of three MCG students when they decided to start a farmers market in Harrisburg out of the back of an old pick-up truck.  Today hundreds of AU students have been a part of these initiatives.

The “Local Foods as Medicine” campaign champions the volunteer efforts, research, and support AU individuals have dedicated to the community. Join us at local food events & get your hands dirty. Mark your calendars for the Crop-up Market, on campus November 15th at Terrace Lawn (Health Sciences) from 10 am- 2pm. 

Buy fresh veggies and produce from local farmers, enjoy 3 cooking demos by Helm’s College students and a gourmet seasonal preparations demo by Eat Local, each with an accompanying dietetic intern to talk about nutrition and seasonal cooking. Learn about gut microbial education and come for the fermented food demos, both hosted by Icebox Urban Farm. Stop by the ALG home-gardening advice tent, and check out the four, hour long workshops on Urban Farming. 
Hour 1: Soil health
Hour 2: Vermiculture
Hour 3: Biodiversity
Hour 4: Composting

There will also be displays of ongoing student research projects related to local foods in the community, promotion of local farmers markets, and herbal education.