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Mary’s Garden

Livestock Farmer

Mary’s Garden

Information Submitted: 2/3/2017

Farmer: Mary Keegan
Phone: 706-951-4028
Located in: Augusta, GA
In business for: 27 years
Certifications: Certified Locally grown last year
Raises: Chickens


… are used for meat, eggs
… both born on premises & purchased from Alesha Gonzales, Murray McMurray Hatchery
… penned
… receive no supplemental hay or feed.
… are Grass Fed
… are not vaccinnated
… are not dewormed
… receive no medications, hormones, or supplements.
… are processed by: Williamsburg Packing, Kingstree SC and have these certifications: USDA
Mary’s Garden has this to say about their Chickens:

Our chickens are fed New Country organic laying feed that is non soy. They are given produce from the garden and worms and soldier fly larvae from our worm bin in addition to the large penned area that includes blueberry bushes and a large fig tree.