Microbial Makeover in Aiken with Icebox Farm

Microbial Makeover in Aiken with Icebox Farm

Sep 17, 2016Just for Fun

Steve Fountain, MD recommends sex…but not for the reasons you’re thinking.  It’s just one of the ways to boost the beneficial flora in your personal microbiome.  Tasha and Steve’s Microbial Makeover Workshop was packed full of information- biology, fermenting tips, and food.  Every break in Steve’s delectable lecture brought forth another informative sample of food from Tasha and her team.  It was a fantastic blend of scientific information and the food we consume daily.  And truly a paradigm shifting look at just how bacteria influence our lives every day.  

Starting with a breakfast of homemade Belgian yogurt with oats and fruit, we learned a little about the history of fermented foods and the discovery of bacteria and antibiotics.  Steve then discussed several types of nonpathogenic bacteria and why they are so important.  Tasha brought out many different fermented vegetables and discussed various ways to ferment foods.  Flavors ranged from Mediterranean to Korean.




We had a choice of options for lunch.  I had a Southwestern salad with chicken from Tasha and Steve’s very own Icebox Farm.  Many of the ingredients were from local farms.  So tasty and fresh!  Of course, Tasha served a fermented tomatillo salsa on the side.  See how easy it is to incorporate fermented foods in your diet?

 As I ate and reflected on the information I’d just heard from Tasha and Steve, I was struck by how tangible they’ve made the abstract idea that food affects our health.  If only we all had more nonpathogenic alpha hemolytic streptococci, perhaps this notion wouldn’t feel abstract at all.