Oct 2, 2016Farmer Support, Meet My Farmer

Last September, a gentle, outdoorsy young man named Tyler Moore made a bold move when he invited Melanie Rivera on a truly unconventional second date. The venue? Augusta’s first-ever Georgia Food Oasis gathering of local food activists.  

Not chocolates. Not flowers. (Not yet, at least.) Rather, Tyler invited Melanie to commit to improving the local foods system with him.

Gutsy, right?

Fast forward exactly one year and one month today. They’re married. They moved into a tiny house in Sylvania where they’re being mentored in organic farming by some of Georgia’s best: Walker Farms and Southern Native Planting at Longwood Plantation. And they started their own local agriculture business called Moore Meadows.

Moore Meadows is committed to re-populating our little corner of this Earth with native and beneficial herbs & plants. Beneficial to pollinators, beneficial to soil, beneficial to humans. They SEE big, but work gloriously small, paying special attention to God’s miniature details in local agriculture. Microbes in soil, oils from herbs, food for insects, natural pest deterrents for humans : these are the things of great importance to them.


Moore Meadows is celebrating its grand debut this coming weekend by hosting a Garden Tea Party in conjunction with a big plant sale at Southern Native Plantings. Just in time for winter planting, you will not want to miss this. (See Events for details.)

Tyler and Melanie bring to our movement a kind of hands-on idealism that we desperately need in our world today. The love thing: they’ve got that down pat. But like all start-up farmers, the challenge now is “how do we make a living doing what we love while also healing this planet?”

The answer is in our hands now. With every purchase we make – be it food or plants or soil – it’s up to us to support this special kind of love … one home garden at a time.