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This has been a truly amazing week at Augusta Locally Grown. Astounding, really. And deeply humbling given that so so so many people came together to make it all happen.

  • The launch of the Urban Ag Boot Camp at Icebox Urban Farm kicked it off last weekend.  The buzz is that it was tremendous, and will only continue to get better! It’s so inspiring to witness the power partnership of Georgia Organics, Georgia Food Oasis, Habesha and Icebox Ministries coming together to make the dream of Augusta-based city farms come true.
  • The last day of the Veggie Park Farmers Market was truly bittersweet. What a 
  • The employee health fair at the Augusta National Golf Club was a true honor to attend. Hugs to Amy and Patrick Sutter for making that (and so many other things) happen.
  • And the flurry that is the Harvest Bytes over at the is coming together as I write.  So many people to thank for this one … we’ll do it right once the wonderfulness of it all has come to a close.

There are still a few tickets left for the Harvest Bytes farm to table dinner.  But just a few:)  Hope to see you there!


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Youth Gardening at the Boys & Girls Club

September 24, 2018

Boys & Girls Club
747 15th Ave
Augusta GA 30901

Organic Gardening Classes at Icebox Urban Farm

September 24, 2018
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Icebox Urban Farm
1736 Fenwick Street
Augusta GA 30904

Home School Garden at Icebox Urban Farm

September 24, 2018
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Icebox Urban Farm
1736 Fenwick Street
Augusta GA 30904

Organic Gardening 101 at the Gardens

September 25, 2018
8:00 am - 9:00 am
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540 Telfair St
Augusta GA 30901

Augusta Locally Grown Online Farmers Market

Augusta Locally Grown Online Farmers Market

September 25, 2018
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Some of the happenings this week…


Shredded Collard Green Salad with Roasted Sweet Potatoes

So sorry to have been MIA the past couple of weeks, but sometimes life gets in the way…I am happy to report that my back is on the mend and while not completely normal, I am once again mobile.  With our weather in transition, I thought this was the perfect time to introduce a transitional recipe.  We are still seeing plenty of collard greens and sweet potatoes at the market, but who says we cannot make a lighter feeling dish with them while we wait for the spring veggies to come in.  This salad uses some tried and true southern ingredients with some West African flavors.  That feels new to me!  It also uses the massaging technique (you might have seen or used this with kale) to tenderize the winter greens without cooking.  Make sure that you do not skip this step or your mouth might get quite the workout. 😉  If lime and cashew are not your thing, this is an easily modified recipe so choose the flavors that you like best.  Happy almost spring!

Slow-Roasted Beef

Well, as you can probably tell by the tardiness of my post, my back is not back to normal.  It is better, but standing at the stove and cooking for a long time is just not happening.  I made this recipe last week, using a roast that I had in the freezer from a few months ago.  I was really pleased with how it turned out.  Even though it was an inexpensive cut, the meat was tender and juicy.  The first night we just had it sliced with a side of roasted vegetables, but since then, I have been using it to make sandwiches and boy are they yummy.  So, if you are like me and mobil-y challenged at the moment or would just like an easy recipe that produces a good meal and leftovers, this is definitely for you.

Collard Greens with Freekeh

Well, the universe has chosen to remind me that I am not Superwoman and am all too human and breakable by providing me with an excruciating bout of sciatica.  This means no standing on my feet for more than a few minutes and trying to pick recipes for my husband to cook for us that I might be able to help with from a seated position.  Just because I am not mobile at the moment does not mean that I am going to give up eating seasonally and healthily.  Enter who might be my next food crush: Joshua McFadden and his book, “Six Seasons.”  This recipe, along with a couple hundred others are broken down seasonally with some delicious and inventive ingredients.  This one calls for freekeh, a roasted wheat grain with a lovely smokey flavor.  It is worth hunting down, but you could also use a medium grain bulgur or if gluten is an issue; cracked buckwheat groats.  Here’s hoping I’ll be vertical next time we speak.

Sweet Potato Hummus

Its still January…For some reason, it seems like the longest month ever.  Maybe because it’s the month when we are abstaining from sugar, alcohol, carbs and/or are trying out a new, healthier lifestyle after a couple of months of indulgence.  Regular hummus is healthy enough, provides a nice flavor punch and is easy to make (please do not buy that awful stuff from the store,) so I am sure you are saying, why make it with sweet potatoes(?).  Well, sweet potatoes are grown locally, so you can be assured of their quality and growth practices, plus sometimes you just want something a bit different.  So, when you are planning your food for the week and your Super Bowl snacks why not throw some “Southern” flavor in your hummus for a change.

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My mom is my inspiration. She taught us girls to feed the soil with every natural resource that came her way. It would be decades before I appreciated her genius. It applies to everything, from food to kids to community. Love you Mama!

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