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Good, simple food – enough for everyone – is humanity’s uniting force. It can also be one of our most divisive tools. When it is grown wisely, in harmony with nature, prepared with traditional skills, and valued fairly for all workers involved, it can transform an individual, a family, a city, the world.  When it isn’t, what we resign to call “food” is literally dangerous to our health.

This week, a week of societal unrest and division like few I’ve known, I was magically buoyed by a diverse group of people who usually stand stubbornly on two different sides of the fence: conventional farmers and organic farmers.  They had come together to learn from each other. They had come together to listen. They had come together as friends and neighbors and fellow humans.

This was on Wednesday morning, November 9, at 9am, in tiny Keysville, GA. My eyes were stuff puffy and bloodshot from staying up late and waking up early to witness our national elections. But there they were, ready to go, chipper morning people, every one of them. Organic farmers shared the philosophical joys and the sometimes painful sacrifices they make to grow the way they grow. Conventional farmers shared their economic and practical concerns – real, honest concerns – about transitioning to organic practices.  It was exactly what I needed at that moment in time. Heck, it was exactly what our country needed at that moment in time.

It will surprise no one that this incredible gathering was organized by Sam and Loretta of Adderson’s Fresh Produce.  They have made no bones about the fact that this has been their goal all along, to inspire — one neighbor farmer at a time – to transition to cleaner farming, cooking and eating practices. Because they had laid the groundwork for years in the most respectful and inclusive way possible, they brought to the table earned credibility and trust. This is the stuff of social healing. I wish you all could have been there. I wish the world could have been there.

Thank you Sam and Loretta Adderson. From the bottom of my humbled heart, thank you.



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ALG Board of Directors – 2019-2020

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Kim Hines

My mom is my inspiration. She taught us girls to feed the soil with every natural resource that came her way. It would be decades before I appreciated her genius. It applies to everything, from food to kids to community. Love you Mama!

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