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Creme Fraiche Panna Cotta with Fresh Blueberries and Herbs

Well folks, February is here and that means trying to come up with a plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We keep it fairly low key in my household and as you can guess, instead of going out to celebrate, I usually cook. Since it is on a Tuesday this year, I am looking for a fairly easy dessert; panna cotta is certainly that without giving up taste. It is so simple that while the main cook does dinner, the other Valentine could be putting this together. I like this version, because it uses a combo of berries and herbs (I will go with the frozen blueberry and lemon thyme option.) Herbs are not something that we always think of for dessert, but they provide a nice brightness and an interesting flavor profile. There are some hints in the notes of berry-herb combinations that go together quite well, but try some of your own to really add that personal touch.

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Legendary Blueberry Biscuits

I thought it was time to switch things up a little, while we still have fresh berries to enjoy. I made this recipe for the first time after a morning spent blueberry picking. The biscuits were a lovely reward after a hot couple of hours scoping out the best bushes with the most flavorful berries. Lucky for us, we have some farmers, Clyde’s Fresh Produce and Country Sweets that are doing the arduous work of picking, so all we have to do is bake. These biscuits are at their best about five minutes out of the oven, but will keep for a few days (if there are any left,) just refresh them in the oven before serving.

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