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Smashed Cucumbers

I have another busy weekend coming up, so I am posting this early, hoping that there are plenty of cucumbers to choose from…I chose this recipe for a number of reasons: After a big (read eating) holiday weekend, I am looking for lighter, easier recipes for a few days, also, sometimes cucumbers are not my favorite veggie so I look for new ways to try them, and the recipe looks intriguing (who doesn’t like taking some aggression out while cooking…)  This recipe did call for English cucumbers, but slicers will work just as well with a few more seeds.  So, go forth and channel your inner hulk…SMASH…SMASH…SMASH!

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Cucumber and Radish Salad with Burrata

Sorry to be a couple days tardy on my recipe post. Friday was a busy, busy day and Saturday, I was feeling a little under the weather, but better late than never. This week’s recipe has one of my favorite things in the world: Burrata. The marriage of mozzarella and creamy cheese curds. It is a wonderful treat alongside crisp spring and summer vegetables (well anything really) and makes a beautiful dish that everyone will rave over. If you cannot locate burrata, you can certainly substitute fresh mozzarella, homemade or good quality store bought ricotta.

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Cucumber Salad

Well guys, I think it is officially hot…the time when we think twice before turning on the oven (at least in the afternoon.) So I have been looking around for some new takes on salad. This recipe is served as a dip, but when I made it the other night with my first cucumber of the season (thank you Harvest Moon Garden,) I doubled it and served it over some salad greens as a side dish with some grilled lamb steaks. It was cool and yummy, just perfect with lamb and since we have access to the best feta from Trail Ridge Farm and Grade A Goat Dairy and lovely herbs from White Hills Farm, LLC and Southern Native Plantings at Longwood Plantation, you cannot go wrong.

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