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Sweet Potato Cheesecake

Not panicking, really…well, maybe a little.  Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away!!! It snuck up on me a bit (as I knew it would, due to the fall vacation,) but I am feeling like I can still pull it all together, kinda.  I made a tentative menu this week and have ordered the turkey that I want, so that part is under control.  I know the potatoes that I want to have, still looking for green veggie recipes and had decided on dessert.  Then, I saw this recipe and thought; well maybe two desserts, who needs green vegetables anyway (me, after 2.5 weeks of vacation food.)  Still, I am sorely tempted to make this.  I do love a good cheesecake and how southern that it is with sweet potatoes.  I will keep you posted, but just in case anyone is looking for a show stopper dessert…let me tempt you.

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Custardy Apple Squares

I am a newbie to the Dorie Greenspan cult, but I can see why she has built up such a following.  She writes clear recipes that are easily reproducible.  Believe me when I say, as a recipe junkie, when you find a consistent author, you stick with them, because there are so many poorly written recipes.  It happens all of the time, you see a beautiful picture and read what looks to be fairly straight forward instructions and then try to make it and realize the reason there are only 5 steps is that the other 20 are either written in invisible ink or were lost somewhere in editing.  I have had no such issue with Ms Greenspan’s recipes, which is why I bring you this one today.  No, I have not made it yet, but have every confidence that it will turn out well.  Plus, since apples are in season, but we seem to be experiencing some dog days of summer, it feels like a fall treat that is not too heavy.  I will not be able to partake until November, since I will be away most of October, so post some pictures in the comments when you guys try it out.  As a side note; since I will be away, no recipe posts until I return in November.  Happy Halloween!!

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Strawberry Ice Cream

Well, folks, we are coming to a close on one of the best times of the year; strawberry season. So, I have to post one more recipe before they are all gone until 2018. Let me tell you, this one is killer! I have used this ice cream recipe for the past 10 years and it is a no fail, show stopper that will have even the daintiest eater smacking their lips and scraping the bowl clean. Nothing gets wasted and the addition of a little bit of vodka to the fruit helps keep those pesky ice crystals at bay. I also put a piece of plastic wrap directly against the ice cream before freezing (and with any left overs) which also helps keep it crystal free. Reserve your strawberries today (you might want to get enough for two batches) for ice cream goodness this week.

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Creme Fraiche Panna Cotta with Fresh Blueberries and Herbs

Well folks, February is here and that means trying to come up with a plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We keep it fairly low key in my household and as you can guess, instead of going out to celebrate, I usually cook. Since it is on a Tuesday this year, I am looking for a fairly easy dessert; panna cotta is certainly that without giving up taste. It is so simple that while the main cook does dinner, the other Valentine could be putting this together. I like this version, because it uses a combo of berries and herbs (I will go with the frozen blueberry and lemon thyme option.) Herbs are not something that we always think of for dessert, but they provide a nice brightness and an interesting flavor profile. There are some hints in the notes of berry-herb combinations that go together quite well, but try some of your own to really add that personal touch.

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Apple Crumble

I am sorry for the tardy recipe post this week, but internet issues and feeling a little under the weather kept me away from the computer for the last couple of days. Onto the recipe…It is less than two weeks until Thanksgiving y’all!!!! Don’t panic (deep cleansing breaths,) but if you need a go to dessert that packs a punch of apple flavor, does not take a ton of time, and is not a great deal of effort; this apple crumble is for you. A whopping 3 pounds of apples go into this crumble and it is simple enough that it could be prepared for a weeknight dessert or on Thanksgiving morning for your family get together. If you have a bigger crowd, just double the recipe and put together in a 13×9 baking dish.

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