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Burrata With Romano Beans and Roasted Eggplant

Normally, since it is mid October, I would recommend a truly fall slanted recipe, but since we are nearing the end of green beans and eggplant, I thought I would share my favorite new recipe of the summer/early fall. I made this for the first time a couple of months ago and it was a huge hit! My husband is not a big cheese fan, he can mostly take it or leave it, but burrata, he will eat anyway and ask for more. Side note: If you have never heard of or had burrata, it is a most beautiful marriage of fresh mozzarella and ricotta cheeses and is a show stopper. Sadly ALG does not have a farmer that makes it (someone get on that,) but it can be picked up at Whole Foods and Fresh Market (it is a good deal less expensive at WF.) We absolutely loved this dish and it would be the perfect thing to serve a vegetarian when you want to impress. The recipe calls for a specific green bean, but no worries, any will do and the same goes for the eggplant. My advice would be, order your veggies today and then run out and secure your burrata, so on Tuesday night you can marvel at what a genius recipe whisperer I am. 🙂

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Roasted Eggplant with Fried Oregano

You might have noticed; I like to cook…I also like to peruse and make new recipes, so much so, that I have to really love something in order to repeat it. I also get into recipe writer “crushes.” My current one is with Yotam Ottolenghi, author of “Plenty,” “Jerusalem,” “Nopi,” and owner of a few restaurants in London, as well as recipe blogger for “The Guardian.” If I lived in England or he lived in the south, I would probably make every recipe he posts. Sadly, with the climates so different, there is usually only one or two that match up. This recipe is one of the them. I made it last week and it is simply bursting with flavor! Eggplant loves this continued hot weather, so there is plenty to choose from and don’t skip the fried oregano, it really sets this dish off.

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Grilled Baba Ghanoush

One thing I look forward to every year is eggplant coming into season. Over the years I have discovered lots of great ways of using it, but this has to be one of my favorites. I love the smoky flavor that the grill gives the eggplant, plus no need to turn the oven on! My hints for this recipe would be be 1) use larger eggplant (less hot eggplant to have to scoop out,) and 2) scoop the pulp into a colander set over a bowl and drain it for about 15 minutes, then put the pulp in the food processor. Once you have added everything and mixed it up, if you think it needs to be looser add some of the drained liquid in, if not discard it. All you need now is some pita or a baguette and you are ready to get your mezze on.

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Alice Waters’ Ratatouille

With the rising temperatures, we are starting to see the colorful palette of summer vegetables and nothing showcases those colors and flavors more than ratatouille. I made this recipe last night and just cutting the vegetables made me appreciate the beauty that goes unnoticed, but that is all around us…it tasted pretty yummy too. 😉 I followed the recipe exactly, because hey Alice Waters knows her veggies, but I would recommend letting it cool down to warm or room temp before serving.

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