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Old-Fashioned Strawberry Preserves

I normally do not like to post a recipe featuring the same ingredient two weeks in a row, but strawberries are special and finite. This is also one of the easiest recipes ever and will allow you to get a taste of spring all year long. This is a great recipe for someone that has never made jam or jelly before, only two ingredients, plus it is made to go in the refrigerator, so no need to can. Having said that, if you are an experienced canner, by all means double or triple the recipe and can or freeze it. I have made these preserves every year for the last ten years and they are my husband’s favorite snack with peanut butter before his long Saturday bike ride. They are also very yummy paired with cheese. Hints that I have learned over the years: Taste your strawberries first, if they are tart, use the recommended two cups of sugar, if they are sweet, reduce that down to one and a half. Also, not sure how they came up with the twenty minute time frame, but it will take at least double that amount of time before it starts clumping on the spoon (that is your signal that it is ready.) Happy preserving!

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