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Pasta Salad with Pesto

Last week was one of those weeks…one of those weeks that I knew I had to prepare ahead of time or risk eating cereal for lunch and dinner.  One of the meals that I prepared was this pasta salad and boy am I glad that I did.  Truth time: a lot of pasta salad can be big bowls of flavorless oil or worse, cooked pasta with mayonnaise dumped on-yes I said it.  Neither is true for this one.  Both mayo and oil are in the recipe, but used in such a way that you do not feel like you are eating a mouthful of grease, plus, the pesto brings a wealth of flavor, and the tomatoes add a bright freshness.  In case you cannot tell, I really liked this.  Best of all, it made a big bowl that I portioned out for lunch and dinner a few days in this busy, busy week.

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Noodle-less Zucchini Lasagna

Here in East Tennessee, we are a little behind the CSRA, weather-wise, so are just beginning to see a few summer squash. I am also in the midst of spring cleaning and projects, so am looking for recipes that let me enjoy the bounty of the season, but also produce leftovers.  This is just the kind of recipe I turn to and bonus, it is low in calories and gluten free.  I love that a little work and an hour or so of cooking gives me multiple meals.  If you do have a bounty, you could make two pans, one to cook and one to freeze.  Now, back to the cleaning…

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Spicy Roasted Broccoli Pasta

I adore pasta and could probably eat it every day, but try to limit myself to no more than once a week (unless in Italy, then all bets are off and I have pizza and pasta every day.) I have my favorite dishes, but am always open to new ones, particularly ones that have a different twist, so that brought me this recipe which I made last weekend. First off, it is only slightly easier than traditional recipes (you still boil the pasta,) but it has an interesting flavor profile, is quite tasty, and does heat up well. In our wacky winter-spring/summer-winter weather flips, at least there is plenty of broccoli, so why not find a new way to enjoy it. One note: unless you really like cumin (I do,) I would lessen the amount used or leave it off entirely. Note two: I will be on vacation next week, so no post next Friday, but will be back again at the end of March.

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