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Dublin Coddle

Even though it has been feeling like late spring/early summer lately, we are just heading into mid March. With that comes Saint Patrick’s Day and even if you are way past the days of drinking green beer, it is fun to celebrate and try something new. I love the tried and true corned beef and cabbage (in fact, I corned my own last year,) but this year an early vacation makes the timing of accomplishing it a little off. I thought I would try this recipe instead. We are lucky that our own Savannah River Farms makes a killer bratwurst, plus they and Khakalaki both have bacon, so what are you waiting for? Also, the Bintje potatoes from Lazy Willow would make a great sub for the yukon golds. Happy Cooking Y’all!

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Green Bean & Country Ham Bundles

It is a well documented fact, both here and elsewhere that I love to cook and love to try new recipes. What I have not mentioned before is that I do not reserve my experimentation for dinners that are just my husband and myself; yes, I use others as guinea pigs. I like tradition as much as the next girl, but for the holidays, when I have people over, I itch to try something (usually many somethings,) I have never made before. One of this year’s new somethings is the following recipe. It will be a new way to serve green beans and bonus; it looks pretty! I have to admit, pretty in food presentation is not my strong suit, so yay for something that looks easy to accomplish. Since I am in TN and do not have Savannah River Farms readily available, I will most likely use prosciutto in place of the country ham. Also, never fear vegetarians, a veggie option would be to tie the bundles with chives instead of the ham. Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

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Sweet Potato and Pancetta Gratin

Even though we have been experiencing another burst of summer weather, I feel like we are truly in fall. Fall, to me, means winter squash, sweet potatoes, soup, and casserole type recipes with a healthy serving of pork thrown in; I am southern born and bred after all…;-) In Tennessee, it has been a wee bit cooler than Georgia and South Carolina, so I actually made this last Sunday and served it with some stuffed pork chops. It checks off a lot of my fall hit list; sweet potatoes, pork, goes in the oven, plus takes a known recipe and kind of turns it on its ear. It was not a disappointment and heats up quite well for leftovers. This recipe calls for pancetta, an Italian style rolled bacon that Savannah River Farms does a lovely rendition of, but you could also use regular bacon instead. I do think the muffin tin cooking idea is quite ingenious, but I made it in a rectangular casserole dish (as you would a regular gratin,) since it was just the two of us, but did increase the cooking time by about 10 minutes in each step, until it was brown on top and bubbly. Whichever method of cooking you decide to employ, I know this will be a big hit in your house like it was in mine.

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