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Fried Smashed Potatoes

Last weekend I was in the mood for a burger, not veggie or turkey, but a real, old fashioned beef burger cooked on the griddle. Well, what goes best with a burger; fried potatoes. Since I was grinding the beef myself to make the burgers, I decided to make things a little easier (and healthier) with the potatoes by doing this recipe. I used a combination of small yellow and red potatoes and steamed them instead of boiling. The end result was a crispy and flavorful side dish for my decadent burgers that left me not feeling guilty about a little indulgence.

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Winter Vegetable Soup

Its the most wonderful time of the year…also the busiest, plus, old man winter has finally decided to make an appearance, so in between eating making those holiday treats, moving that &%$@# elf around, and enjoying some holiday cheer, treat yourself and your family to a big bowl of this hearty winter soup. It is chock full of winter root veggies, some that family members may not always like, but are really good for them; i.e. turnips and since you blend it all up, they will never know. 😉

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Potatoes Hashed in Cream

Something I might not have told you about myself: I am a potato-aholic…Any way you want to make them; mashed, fried, gratin-ed, you name it, I will eat it. On the flip side, my husband sees potatoes as a delivery vehicle for ketchup or gravy, (oh, the blasphemy!) so it must be a pretty special recipe where he does not even contemplate reaching for either. This is such a recipe. In short, it is fantabulous!

To be honest, I came across this recipe because I had some heavy cream left over that needed to be used. Who knew, I would find a wondrous taste sensation for breakfast, lunch, or dinner as well as a geeky kind of cooking experiment. You see, the cream, once its fat is rendered, will brown up potatoes just as well as butter and leave behind little squares from heaven. I am telling you, get some gold potatoes and make this immediately (well on Tuesday…)

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