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Radishes Braised in Cream with Garlic and Thyme

If you have followed these posts for a while, you will know that I am not the biggest radish fan in the world. You will also know that I make an effort to eat locally and in season, so when radishes are in season the quest for new recipes begins. Over the years, I have found that I prefer radishes cooked via heat or in my recipe from last month via sitting in citrus juice; the bite is just a bit too much for me raw and that is why I am excited about today’s recipe post. Cooking a radish changes it completely. The pungent flavor disappears and is replaced by a mild turnip-like sweetness. This recipe uses a braising technique. Braising meat is easy, but can be time consuming; with veggies you get the ease of braising, but since you are not trying to melt connective tissue, it is a quick process as well. My plan is to serve this as a side for a non-fatty cut of meat or fish, but I think it would be quite yummy with mashed potatoes, grits, or on top of some wilted greens.

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Orange and Radish Salad with Pistachios

My husband and I decided to have an after the holidays, catch up-get together with our neighbors (also a good excuse for me to stretch my culinary muscles and cook for other people.) Since we had just had a couple of months of heavy, traditional eating, I thought it might be nice to do a sort of Mediterranean mezze theme. I picked this to serve as a colorful, somewhat acidic accompaniment to some fattier dishes. It worked like a charm. I was not able to get blood oranges, so substituted Cara Cara navels instead along with regular navels. Both were juicy and bright with the former kind of having a pink grapefruit color. I used a couple types of radish along with the daikon and subbed in walnut oil for the pistachio. It was a beautiful counterpoint to the lamb meatballs, hummus, and feta dishes. If radishes have a bit too much bite to them for you, I found that sitting in the marinade really calmed things down, so don’t be afraid to give this gorgeous salad a try.

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