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Spaghetti Squash Salad with Tomatoes and Pecorino

I have discussed in these posts before that I am not always a fan of substituting ingredients: i.e. If I am eating pasta bolognese, then I want real pasta, not a vegetable spiralized to look like pasta.  I want to appreciate my veggies for what they have to offer without making them a poor substitute for something I really want (rant over now.)  Spaghetti squash is one of those misunderstood veggies that deserves a place at the table to shine on its own merit.  This is a recipe I am excited to try and I hope you will be too.  The picture is one of the other variations of this recipe, but hey, its tomato season, so why not celebrate those as well.  This combo really screams summer to me and I hope if you have been burying your squash under pasta sauce, you will make this salad and give the squash its place in the sun.

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Alice Waters’ Ratatouille

With the rising temperatures, we are starting to see the colorful palette of summer vegetables and nothing showcases those colors and flavors more than ratatouille. I made this recipe last night and just cutting the vegetables made me appreciate the beauty that goes unnoticed, but that is all around us…it tasted pretty yummy too. 😉 I followed the recipe exactly, because hey Alice Waters knows her veggies, but I would recommend letting it cool down to warm or room temp before serving.

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