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Sweet Potato Hummus

Its still January…For some reason, it seems like the longest month ever.  Maybe because it’s the month when we are abstaining from sugar, alcohol, carbs and/or are trying out a new, healthier lifestyle after a couple of months of indulgence.  Regular hummus is healthy enough, provides a nice flavor punch and is easy to make (please do not buy that awful stuff from the store,) so I am sure you are saying, why make it with sweet potatoes(?).  Well, sweet potatoes are grown locally, so you can be assured of their quality and growth practices, plus sometimes you just want something a bit different.  So, when you are planning your food for the week and your Super Bowl snacks why not throw some “Southern” flavor in your hummus for a change.

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Fresh Tomato Soup with Basil and Farro

Well, we are getting our first taste of fall; up here in east TN, it has been in the 40’s the last couple of mornings and with Irma barreling towards us, most of the south should see some rain.  That makes me feel like snuggling up under a blanket, reading, and having some soup…but there are still fresh tomatoes you say, no problem with this one pot, stick to your ribs, fresh tomato soup.  Even with the farro, I envision serving this with a big hunk of crusty bread, maybe with a little garlic and olive oil rubbed and drizzled on.  If you cannot find the farro, you could always substitute soaked wheat or spelt berries.  Two notes: As I was reading this an announcement came that the Tuesday markets would be cancelled this week, due to Irma, so get to your local Saturday market and stock up before she heads our way.  Also, I will be away next week, so no recipe post next Friday.  Be safe!

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Caramelized Turnips with Capers, Lemon, and Parsley

Last week I was asked if I had any good turnip recipes…I had to pause and take some time to come up with a couple of ideas. See, we do not eat a lot of turnips in our house. I actually am a fan, I grew up eating them as just another vegetable, mostly boiled (I know, eww, but hey, I like boiled okra too.) My husband, however, is not a fan and I think that is because he grew up eating them as a “faux” some other kind of veggie; i.e.mashed potatoes. I think we should take this week to learn to appreciate turnips for what they are, turnips; that sort of sweet/spicy root veggie that so many love to hate. One of the best ways to celebrate a vegetable that you tend to shy away from is to roast it. Roasting brings out the natural sugars and tends to tone down that bite. This week’s recipe is a showcase for our much maligned turnip, so lets go forth and roast…

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