May 23, 2016Farmer Support, Meet My Farmer


Today we recognize one of our original market farmers, Tink’s Grass Fed Beef!

Lucky7W, a 230 acre farm in Washington, GA, is a good place to be if you’re a cow. Imagine a life of green grass, away from the influence of antibiotics, growth hormones, grains, or any by-products.


Since 1996, fourth generation farmer Etwenda “Tink” Wade has been cultivating a feed stock that enjoy this “grass is greener” lifestyle. Love for cows and for the land is rooted deep in Tink’s family. Her grandmother was both the brains and brawn behind farm operations in her day, and she set a powerful example that Tink emulates on her own farm.


Her cows are like family to her. She raises them right so that they will be the healthiest and tastiest option for customers. She knows her bovine business- all the way down to the genetic level. Tink explained that in the 1970’s, corn was the staple crop in livestock feed. Now, one of her focuses is breeding and raising cows in such a way that their genetics realign to a grass based diet. Her 160 cows have either been raised by her or bought from trusted farmers who agree to raise the cattle by Tink’s protocol.

Every month, her dedication takes her 254 miles to an animal welfare approved, family owned USDA facility in South Pittsburg, Tennesee. Tink is as much a part of processing the cows as she is raising them. The facility allows her to work in the cutting room, where Tink can exercise what she calls “quality control”.


Tink believes in putting back into the land what you take out in providing the best life for her animals. Some of her joys have come from helping individuals battling illness or cancers alter their lifestyles and diets. Tink herself is a testament to how healthy living can nourish the body. Since being diagnosed with MS in the late 90s, she is medication free and knows what works for her.

Tink also loved being one of 17 locally sourced farms that participated in Burke County’s Farm to School initiative. She finds a great support system and team within her family, and cherishes time gardening or with her grandchildren.

Whoever the lucky individual, Tink is happy to produce an honest product that standouts on dinner plates. Taste the grass fed difference via our market, Athens Locally Grown, Opa Robby’s Market, Decatur Farmer’s Market, Southern Scratch, Coastal GA Organics, Ripe Thing Market, Nature’s Garden Express, Candler Park Market, or the farm’s online Farm Store.