Welcome to “Will on Wellness”

Welcome to “Will on Wellness”

Jan 3, 2017Cooking Education, Farmer Education, Just for Fun

Will on Wellness

Hello Augusta and Internet universe! Will here – with my first blog: Will on Wellness. We’re talking all things wellness here. Hard to say where this blog will take us… musings from the garden, some smoothie recipes, pics of my breakfasts, recipes for other meals, healthy habits, exercise tips… we may have interviews, cooking tutorials, inspirational quotes, informative essays, and there could be yoga videos and guided meditations too… on and around all things wellness.

So mostly food and fitness… But don’t you think all aspects of life make up our wellness? And all aspects of wellness are just pieces of life? Maybe wellness can be defined as enjoyment of life. And not just our individual enjoyment, but also concern for the enjoyment of others. Happiness will not come to us unless we give it out (concept like karma).

How well are we enjoying the moments of our days? And how will the events of our days contribute-to or detract-from our wellness? Let’s get thinking about the impacts of what we do – impacts on ourselves, others, the planet, and beyond. Asking questions, and questioning our actions. If we ask good questions, we may come up with good answers. The intent being holistic lifestyle choices to steer us toward a healthier, happier life for everyone.

I like to think the things I present here will be simply put and simple to understand, and hopefully simple enough to implement into your own life, whether it’s a smoothie recipe or a cool idea. So don’t think too hard on this journey. I will do my best to keep it straight-forward and not too long-winded. Please take my posts with a course chunk of pink Himalayan salt.

Glad to be a part of something bigger than myself – thanks Augusta Locally Grown!