Oct 21, 2016Augusta Cooks Local, Chef Connections

It’s tough to start a healthy food business in Augusta. First you need significant capital to build a commercial kitchen. Sadly, that’s where many would-be start-ups just don’t start up.

So what’s an Incubator Kitchen? Think of it as a shared kitchen for small businesses — one that meets commercial-grade requirements. Maybe you’re a farmer and you just need it a couple times each summer to make your world-class hot sauce with all those peppers you’ve got in the ground. Maybe you’re a recent graduate from one of our local culinary schools, trying to get a catering business off the ground. Or maybe you’re a seasoned chef without a restaurant, looking for a place to cook for pop-up events. Just like its name implies, an Incubator Kitchen can help incubate our local foods economy on many tasty levels.

For this project, we’ve partnered with the Clubhou.se in downtown Augusta, on Telfair Street. Located in the old Richmond Academy building, the Clubhou.se is already a hub of innovation for our city.  Here, local people with start-up ideas come to work. They share space and equipment. They exchange ideas and feedback, leaning into each others’ collective experience and frank honesty. As of 2015 – they also share their Incubator Garden with start-up urban farmers, in partnership with Augusta Locally Grown.  

Together we are launching a campaign next week to raise funds for this kitchen. And we’re doing it ALG-style with farm-to-table dinner called Harvest Bytes.  Buy your ticket today to invest in a more vibrant local food culture for our city’s tomorrow.